The Owner of Quest Sports, Coach Marvin Williams, graduated from Colton High School and under Coach  Don Markham’s legendary Double Wing Offense was named CIF’S 1978 Division II Player of the Year, he then went on to play for the USC Trojans. He worked as hard in the classroom as he did on the field and his hard work paid off, honoring him with a few more years of competing at the next level.

Throughout his career, Marv has coached both Football and Track. With all of his experience, he decided to venture out on his own in the area he both loves and respects. In order to share as much knowledge as possible to young athletes, Marv has handpicked a group of outstanding coaches that are former Collegiate and/or Professional players to assist him.


Our specialty is combine testing and timing for all sports..  Our testing is unbiased and reliable, and focuses on strength, speed, agility and power.   By using the same timing system that Stanford, UCLA, and many more Universities and professional sports clubs throughout the world use,  SmartSpeed Electronic Timing System by Fusion Sports. Quest Sports is able to provide the athletes and their coaches with the MOST ACCURATE times available.  We also can provide Camps and Clinics to Schools, Leagues and Individual Teams.


Our goal is to give young athletes exposure to the combine testing procedures and a chance to see where they are relative to others in their grade and their position. We help to identify if there is a need to set more effective goals or to revise old ones. From where they are to where they want to be. The data and feedback we generate can be provided for current or future coaches.


Mission Statement

 To Train Today’s Young Athletes For Tomorrow’s Challenges